Thursday, December 07, 2006

REVOLUTION Party Tonite!


It's clear that only after a week of campaigning, the UC is running scared. Hushed coversations between UC representatives old and new nervously glance our way -- "Will tonight end in disaster? Will we end with our beloved enclave in flames?"

The Age of the Popped Collar Cabal is Over.

And how are we celebrating while we wait for the results? By hanging out, listening to music, drinking Tab, and eating Oreos, of course.

Join us in the Eliot Small Dining Hall from 9-11 today to hang out and await the results! Bring your friends and associates.

We will also be unveiling Operation: Sequoia, a highly-classified, highly-amusing scheme to mess with the UC next year. Minimal commitment, maximum Awesome.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Zaidi Thinks Hwang/Wong Legit Enough For Moderating!

Dear Revolutionaries!

We are very pleased and suprised that our name has been suggested to manage a public debate between Ali Zaidi and Ryan Petersen. Truly, the Movement has gained credibilty even among the most reactionary of our foes!

However, we will not take this position as a lead-in for complacency! Our mission remains the same: to CRUMPLE THE SYSTEM AND LEAVE NOTHING LEFT!

Vote now at

Onwards! Peace! Bread! Land!


December 4, 2006

Dear Ryan,

I hope you're well. I'm writing to you this [evening] to formally challenge you to a one-on-one debate.

We have made it abundantly clear over the past week that we both care about Harvard. That said, I don't think the differences between our records and our platforms have been sufficiently highlighted, and I think a debate would help voters discern which presidential candidate would better represent their interests.

The debate could be Tuesday at a neutral location such as Winthrop JCR. A potential moderator might be Tim Hwang, hands-down the most neutral presidential candidate given his utter disdain for the UC. We can invite press and so on as well.

Please e-mail the Harvard's Promise campaign manager, Jieun Baek, at, to confirm or decline and to work out the details as necessary. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ali Zaidi

You Know You've Made It Big When...

...the Crimson decides to draw an editorial cartoon about your campaign, check it out!


Thanks Crimson Editorial Board! We knew we could count on your support!

Also -- according to Team Zebra, we're the equivilent of Kang and Kodos from the Simpsons. We most definitely agree.

"We're Quantum Presbyterians!"

And the the Team Zebra Post.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Address To the People On the Dawn of Voting -- 12/4/06

It is a war.

It is a war in which we are now engaged for the heart, nay, the very SOUL of Harvard University. We are at the crossroads, and our voice will ring loud and clear, WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT. WE WILL NOT VANISH WITHOUT A FIGHT.

We're going to LIVE ON. We're going to SURVIVE.

The REVOLUTION IS NOW. And no reactionary will stand in our way. Let fear rain down on the heads of our enemies.



Saturday, December 02, 2006

IvyGate Blog Endorses Hwang/Wong

Whoah! Nice! We love you too, guys.

IvyGate Endorses Hwang/Wong

Friday, December 01, 2006

Crimson Corrects Themselves

Reports of our death are greatly exaggerated! The Crimson writes --

"But Brian S. Gillis ’07-’08 and Tim R. Hwang ’08 both acknowledged that they are running as outsider candidates and do not expect—nor do they hope—to win."

UNTRUE! We plan to do superbly well and hope to win in this upcoming election! Oh, you betta run!

"Tim R. Hwang '08 says he does hope to prevail in his Undergraduate Council presidential campaign. Presidential candidate Brian S. Gillis '07-'08, but not Hwang, said last night that he doesn't want to win the race."
And on the UC Fix Blog -- here.

Contingency Plan by Chrix


Nice job tonight. If you're actually serious, you can do what you want with the UC without winning the Presidency - in fact if you do win it will be very hard to convince the UC to disband itself anyway. It was hard enough for us to do 2x2 last year, yikes.

It'd be tough (you'd need ~600 signatures) but then only a simple majority vote with sufficent turnout could dissolve the UC entirely. Especially if there were a good plan in place to use the Student Activities Fee (Stanford does a kind of direct democracy thing where every student group asks for money upfront for the year and all students can opt-out of any, or all, student group support payments of $1 or whatever.)



Article IV Section 5 of the UC Constitution talks about referendums:

Section 5. Referendum
Any question may be committed to a referendum or poll by the Council or by a petition by 10% of the student body. In case of multiple questions, the petition format must require students to sign for each question presented on the petition. Any petition that does not meet the above requirements shall be declared void. A referendum will be advisory unless the provisions of the referendum make its results binding and it achieves a 25% turnout or the percentage voter turnout for Council representative elections, whichever is lower. A binding referendum may be overturned by three quarters of the Council with the exception of a referendum on constitutional measures.

For a binding referendum requiring constitutional change, a simple majority of the voting students must agree on the constitutional change in order for the referendum to pass. Upon passage, the Council constitution is automatically amended to include the proposed change. The Council is also obligated to make all necessary changes to the Council bylaws so as to meet the requirements mandated by the constitutional change. The Executive Board shall be the governing body of all referenda. The Vice President shall be the executive officer entrusted with the duty of carrying out the will of the Executive Board in setting the dates and making the rules of the referendum. Referenda must be administered within three weeks of the petition's submission to the Council.

We can dance better -- too

In addition to being a firm believer in revolutionary policy. Hwang/Wong firmly believes that another great advantage that they have over their reactionary opponents is the ability to boogie harder than any other ticket. We can C-walk. No seriously, just ask us.

As such, we left our competitors in the dust at last night's Currier Stein Club Dance-Off. See the videos at Team Zebra -- here

Oh yeah -- this is how we rock it.


For whatever reason, the Harvard Dems blog has been a hub of coverage for the Coming Revolution to Kill the UC. But, I'm proud to say that Andrew Fong, Dems blogger extrodinaire (sp?) and Friend of the People, wrote up an awesome endorsement of us here Check it out.

"I'll be the first admit that Tim Hwang and Alex Wong are probably a wee bit nuts. I'm also annoyed that their names are Hwang and Wong. It creates the impression that I support them just because all of our last names sound like clanging pieces of metal. But they have the right idea. There's no need for the UC. At the same time, it contributes to inefficiency and perceptions of elitism here at Harvard.

So let's kill the UC. Kill it dead." - Andrew Fong


Jess Coggins also wants us to get her cable and replace the Cambridge sewage system. Miss, if I become President, I promise to do that, and THEN smash the state. I don't know, maybe we can pass a resolution or something. THAT'LL show 'em who's boss.

Check it out here.

Crimson Coverage

"To ‘Kill’ or To Fix? A Clash Over UC’s Future"

One ticket wants council 'dead as doornail'—others seek reform

***It's interesting (though not unexpected) that the impact of the Revolution was downplayed in the article. Hell, we didn't even get a report of Gillis breaking out the Harvard fight song. I guess this probably means were aren't getting their endorsement. Well, shit. Sorry, Garrett***


"Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches."
-Andy Warhol

Last night's debate was really sweet. Hwang/Wong pretty much hands-down rocked the house. With think that the silent public resentment has been stirred and so we can only say -- ONWARDS TO REVOLUTION!

Complete liveblogging accounts available at TeamZebra and Dems Blog
Dems Blog
Team Zebra

I'm of the understanding that a full video will be coming online soon courtesy HRTV. We'll be rocking that at this blog as soon as we get a copy.
Some Choice Quotes --

"Tim Hwang will personally follow administrators for student groups. AWESOME."
-Jess Coggins

"Wow, just wow, Tim Hwang just flipped off an audience member... kinda like how his campaign is basically just flipping off the UC."
-Kyle Krahel

"YES HWANG. KILL THE UC. Why do I feel like I'm in Leningrad listening to Stalin right now? "RISE UP AND END THE UC." He's got my vote."
-Eric (Team Zebra)

"Tim: "There's no way 50 members on the UC can possibly be representative of the entire campus."

Translation: "Let's be honest: two nerdy Asians would be much more representative."
-Ptash (Team Zebra)

You know, that's actually probably true - in spirit, if not actual demographics. We love you too, Josh.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

At the Harvard Dems Town Hall

Garrett Dash Nelson writes --

"If the Crimson were to endorse Hwang, it would be an unholy alliance between stuffy elitism and sarcastic elitism like this world has never seen, likely signaling a coming apocalypse or at least the conquest of Cambridge by soulless Midwestern culture icons. Fuck, wait ..."

We'll have to start working on that endorsement right now.

Hwang/Wong Announce Policy-Platform

So what do you do after you've killed the UC and torn down the system stone by stone?

We say this--

1) The UC is a dumb bottleneck for student advocacy, it should just facilitate having student groups meet directly with faculty and without the UC appointing or electing people to chair committees.

2) All party grants should go to the HoCos.

3) Student group funding should be stripped off into its own organization, its deliberations should be made public, and student votes should be used to determine which projects get funding, not some UC insider group.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We <3 the Dems, though they can't really sponsor us, because anarchy isn't very democratic

What the Dems are saying about the Hwang/Wong Campaign.

"These guys have cajones and that’s really all there is to say about that."

"Has Tim Hwang not committed a single violation? Impressive!"

"Oh god. OH GOD. I can't believe it's that time again. Can I just commit ritual suicide right now and get it over with?

...My only hope is that Tim "Abolish the UC" Hwang is entertaining enough to make the rest of this shitshow worthwhile...

Seriously, since we're now granting the Dems endorsement power to MALs, I officially withdraw from my responsibility as a Board member to take this decision seriously. Screw it."

UC Meeting Transcript [For Reals] -- May 1, 2006

UC Member: Out of order!

JH: No! No, I'm answering the question! You're out of order!

UC Member: What?

JH: So the reason why I'm allowed to rule things out of order and dilatory is because, we could have tyranny of the minority, in which case, every single motion I make, you would simply rule out of order. And so I make a motion, and I rule you out of order, then you would try to overturn me again—

Lori Adelman: Call to question!

JH: ...I am answering a question! So, that is the reason. Because, clearly a chair needs the authority to move on to business, despite objections, even those objections try to stall the process.

Jeff Kwong: Why is it tyranny of the minority? (commotion)

UC Member: Call to question! (commotion)

UC Member: Call to question!

JK: Why is it tyranny of the minority?

JH: Jeff, I'm done answering your question.

Got Some Press-Press

Hey kids,

looks like we got some press press. Happy to report that we were able to nab front-page reportage against some of our more reactionary opponents. Check it out --