Tuesday, November 28, 2006

UC Meeting Transcript [For Reals] -- May 1, 2006

UC Member: Out of order!

JH: No! No, I'm answering the question! You're out of order!

UC Member: What?

JH: So the reason why I'm allowed to rule things out of order and dilatory is because, we could have tyranny of the minority, in which case, every single motion I make, you would simply rule out of order. And so I make a motion, and I rule you out of order, then you would try to overturn me again—

Lori Adelman: Call to question!

JH: ...I am answering a question! So, that is the reason. Because, clearly a chair needs the authority to move on to business, despite objections, even those objections try to stall the process.

Jeff Kwong: Why is it tyranny of the minority? (commotion)

UC Member: Call to question! (commotion)

UC Member: Call to question!

JK: Why is it tyranny of the minority?

JH: Jeff, I'm done answering your question.


Blogger prince eric said...

down with the bourgeois running-dog lackeys! long live the jumpsuit revolution! subvert the dominant paradigm! kill the dominant paradigm! kill it dead!

12:39 PM  

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