Friday, December 01, 2006


"Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches."
-Andy Warhol

Last night's debate was really sweet. Hwang/Wong pretty much hands-down rocked the house. With think that the silent public resentment has been stirred and so we can only say -- ONWARDS TO REVOLUTION!

Complete liveblogging accounts available at TeamZebra and Dems Blog
Dems Blog
Team Zebra

I'm of the understanding that a full video will be coming online soon courtesy HRTV. We'll be rocking that at this blog as soon as we get a copy.
Some Choice Quotes --

"Tim Hwang will personally follow administrators for student groups. AWESOME."
-Jess Coggins

"Wow, just wow, Tim Hwang just flipped off an audience member... kinda like how his campaign is basically just flipping off the UC."
-Kyle Krahel

"YES HWANG. KILL THE UC. Why do I feel like I'm in Leningrad listening to Stalin right now? "RISE UP AND END THE UC." He's got my vote."
-Eric (Team Zebra)

"Tim: "There's no way 50 members on the UC can possibly be representative of the entire campus."

Translation: "Let's be honest: two nerdy Asians would be much more representative."
-Ptash (Team Zebra)

You know, that's actually probably true - in spirit, if not actual demographics. We love you too, Josh.


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