Wednesday, November 29, 2006

At the Harvard Dems Town Hall

Garrett Dash Nelson writes --

"If the Crimson were to endorse Hwang, it would be an unholy alliance between stuffy elitism and sarcastic elitism like this world has never seen, likely signaling a coming apocalypse or at least the conquest of Cambridge by soulless Midwestern culture icons. Fuck, wait ..."

We'll have to start working on that endorsement right now.

Hwang/Wong Announce Policy-Platform

So what do you do after you've killed the UC and torn down the system stone by stone?

We say this--

1) The UC is a dumb bottleneck for student advocacy, it should just facilitate having student groups meet directly with faculty and without the UC appointing or electing people to chair committees.

2) All party grants should go to the HoCos.

3) Student group funding should be stripped off into its own organization, its deliberations should be made public, and student votes should be used to determine which projects get funding, not some UC insider group.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We <3 the Dems, though they can't really sponsor us, because anarchy isn't very democratic

What the Dems are saying about the Hwang/Wong Campaign.

"These guys have cajones and that’s really all there is to say about that."

"Has Tim Hwang not committed a single violation? Impressive!"

"Oh god. OH GOD. I can't believe it's that time again. Can I just commit ritual suicide right now and get it over with?

...My only hope is that Tim "Abolish the UC" Hwang is entertaining enough to make the rest of this shitshow worthwhile...

Seriously, since we're now granting the Dems endorsement power to MALs, I officially withdraw from my responsibility as a Board member to take this decision seriously. Screw it."

UC Meeting Transcript [For Reals] -- May 1, 2006

UC Member: Out of order!

JH: No! No, I'm answering the question! You're out of order!

UC Member: What?

JH: So the reason why I'm allowed to rule things out of order and dilatory is because, we could have tyranny of the minority, in which case, every single motion I make, you would simply rule out of order. And so I make a motion, and I rule you out of order, then you would try to overturn me again—

Lori Adelman: Call to question!

JH: ...I am answering a question! So, that is the reason. Because, clearly a chair needs the authority to move on to business, despite objections, even those objections try to stall the process.

Jeff Kwong: Why is it tyranny of the minority? (commotion)

UC Member: Call to question! (commotion)

UC Member: Call to question!

JK: Why is it tyranny of the minority?

JH: Jeff, I'm done answering your question.

Got Some Press-Press

Hey kids,

looks like we got some press press. Happy to report that we were able to nab front-page reportage against some of our more reactionary opponents. Check it out --


Sunday, November 26, 2006

An Open Letter to the UC

As the leaders of the radical-reformist “Dismantle the UC” UC Presidential campaign, T.R. Hwang 08’ and Alex Wong 08’, we hereby issue a public challenge against the candidates in this race and to the UC as a whole. If the UC is able to successfully and satisfactorily answer these three simple questions to the Harvard community as a whole, we publicly promise to step down and withdraw from the race. Our mission is simply the cause of social justice, not another line on our resume or another future business connection.

We feel if the UC is unable to give answers for these questions to not only account for their present, ephemeral promises but past history as well, they will be sorely pressed to justify their claims to legitimacy. Moreover, the inability to answer these questions successfully will reveal some deep structural problems with the UC that we feel necessitate wholesale structural revolution in student government.

We are willing to publicly engage any candidate in a debate over these issues if they would like to answer our challenge. Alternatively, if they would like to discuss this in some other public medium, we certainly encourage it and will respond vigorously. To do any less, we feel, would be intellectually unsound.

1) How does the UC justify the lack of a significant participation of women, minorities, and BGLT students on the UC council? How does it answer to claims that the women’s campaigning workshops were ‘patronizing’?

2) Why do people hate you so much?

3) How can the UC claim any legitimate student mandate of representation given the average 34% voter turnout rate in House UC elections?

We would like to know. Our mission remains to dismantle the UC until it can answer to these problems.

Tim Hwang
Alex Wong