Friday, December 01, 2006

Contingency Plan by Chrix


Nice job tonight. If you're actually serious, you can do what you want with the UC without winning the Presidency - in fact if you do win it will be very hard to convince the UC to disband itself anyway. It was hard enough for us to do 2x2 last year, yikes.

It'd be tough (you'd need ~600 signatures) but then only a simple majority vote with sufficent turnout could dissolve the UC entirely. Especially if there were a good plan in place to use the Student Activities Fee (Stanford does a kind of direct democracy thing where every student group asks for money upfront for the year and all students can opt-out of any, or all, student group support payments of $1 or whatever.)



Article IV Section 5 of the UC Constitution talks about referendums:

Section 5. Referendum
Any question may be committed to a referendum or poll by the Council or by a petition by 10% of the student body. In case of multiple questions, the petition format must require students to sign for each question presented on the petition. Any petition that does not meet the above requirements shall be declared void. A referendum will be advisory unless the provisions of the referendum make its results binding and it achieves a 25% turnout or the percentage voter turnout for Council representative elections, whichever is lower. A binding referendum may be overturned by three quarters of the Council with the exception of a referendum on constitutional measures.

For a binding referendum requiring constitutional change, a simple majority of the voting students must agree on the constitutional change in order for the referendum to pass. Upon passage, the Council constitution is automatically amended to include the proposed change. The Council is also obligated to make all necessary changes to the Council bylaws so as to meet the requirements mandated by the constitutional change. The Executive Board shall be the governing body of all referenda. The Vice President shall be the executive officer entrusted with the duty of carrying out the will of the Executive Board in setting the dates and making the rules of the referendum. Referenda must be administered within three weeks of the petition's submission to the Council.


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